Remember who you are…..Look inside yourself. You are more than what you have become. – Mufasa, Lion King

As I penned my goals to paper for this new year, my mind kept exploring different methods and strategies that would best work for these set goals and I sort of hit a mental block.

So a few nights ago, I watched clips of the classic Disney cartoon, THE LION KING and this quote from Mufasa really got me thinking about 2017 and the future that lies ahead.


Now, the festivities and celebrations are ended and life is back to its normal routine. The question is what is that routine going to be for you in this new year?

What strategies have you put in place to make this year a lot better and more fruitful than last year?

In as much as I did spread my wings last year to test the waters, a part of me still held back a bit. Sure, I accomplished a lot but I didn’t go all out to be all of me. I could have done more but I didn’t try.

I think that is why this particular scene from this cartoon, kept gnawing at me as I watched it.

“Remember who you are…..”

I watched this scene over and over again and each time, the mental block seemed to be lifted higher and higher till it was completely gone.

I looked at myself in my mind’s eye and I did acknowledge that truly, I am more than what I am now. Then I made the decision to GO ALL OUT IN THIS NEW YEAR and become all of me.


I silenced the voice of self-doubt in my mind and before long, I began to see myself in another light.

I smiled as I marveled at the self-belief that engulfed me and how fired up I was to go all the way.

No more holding  back. Things I was afraid I couldn’t do, I am going to do them. If I fail or make mistakes, I will keep trying until I get it right. Failures and mistakes are part of the success story. 

Courage, Confidence and Composure are the 3C’s I plan to work with this year.

This is going to be one amazing, super fantastic and fantabulous year for me.

And that is it. What about you?

Remember who you are

This is still the first week of the new year. Have you put your house in order? Have you established strategies to make this year one of your best years yet?

It’s not too late now. Begin by

  • Penning your goals to paper
  • Putting to action your set strategies
  • Overcoming your fears
  • Increasing your self-belief
  • Conquering your past

Rid your mind of all negativities and impossibilities. You can do just about anything and I mean anything you set your mind to if only you allow yourself.

Don’t look at the failures you experienced in the past negatively. Instead see it as a learning tool and learn from it what not to do again.


Look into a mirror and face your competition which is you and no other person. Speak bold and positive words to yourself till you believe every word you say.

Trust me, with the right mindset and with the right spirit working for you, you are bound to excel in all you do. 

I recently wrote and published a book on this called THE FORTE: A GUIDE TO BUILDING A BEAUTIFUL MIND AND SPIRIT. It is an amazing book that is sure to get you started on your journey of success this year.

Refuse to settle for less this year. Go all out and be the very best of you. The truth is it can only get better when you work with the right tools.

Remember who you are

You want to apply for that new job? You want to request for a raise?

You want to work on yourself…..improve your talents and hone your skills? You want to learn a new language?

Just do whatever you want to do and don’t be crippled by fear. Trust me, you wouldn’t know if you do not try.

Remember who you are!

You are a survivor. You are smart. You are brave. You are bold. You are confident. You are special. You are awesome and most importantly, you are beautiful.

Thank you for reading. I hope this post is able to motivate you and inspire you to be better than who you are now. Let this year be for you, one of celebration, fulfillment and triumph.

Now, the question is who are you? Are you a Wuss or a Warrior?  I so would love to read your thoughts on this. Let’s get the comments and contributions flowing in the comment box below. 

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