“Women are complicated. We all know that” – Candice Swanepoel

Sometimes when I listen to how guys try to understand or figure out women, it sort of amuses me. Not because it is particularly funny but because it is just fascinating. I am no exception….heck! I am a woman but guys make it seem like trying to figure out the emotions and psychology of a woman is like undergoing a Ph.D program or like trying to solve a mystery…..Lol.

I wouldn’t blame them though and I do agree about how difficult and sometimes puzzling the woman gender can be. I sometimes wonder why we are that way but then again, that is what makes us amazing and super interesting.

Thinking back at how riled up my boyfriend used to be at the start of our relationship, I can’t help but smile. These days, people look at us and admire the wonderful friendship and connection we share and it is indeed beautiful. It has all been the grace of God at work in us and our desire to work at what we have.

True, women are wired emotionally, psychologically and even physically different from man. Women live in a real different actuality from men but then again, we all can’t have same realities and that is just the beauty of it……the opposites which complement each other makes man and woman extremely compatible and suitable for each other.

However, it is one thing to be complicated but a totally different ball game to be overly complicated. Now, I speak strictly for just complicated women and not overly complicated women.


However, just as puzzling as women might be, it can’t be denied that we are just as fascinating, intriguing and titillating. Sure we can really cause guys to sweat it…..loving us, understanding us and all but we are most definitely worth it.

Complicated is one word commonly associated with women and true to reality, she could be. The nature of woman is somewhat complex and she is a very interesting being that sometimes needs to studied. One funny thing is that women are not born complicated. No one actually is. It is the way we live that complicates things. That is why I say that life is actually simple but we as humans tend to complicate it with our complex nature.

Everyone is a combination of their past, where/who they are now and where/who they hope to be in the future. A complicated woman is a result of all her story. Now, you may say don’t men go through hardships and difficulties too?

Yeah, men do but not in the way women do. Remember we are wired differently. With women, our emotions are deeply involved but same can’t be said for men who happen to be more logical and somewhat analytical in their doings.

Often times, woman let herself become the outcome of how she is being treated or handled.

She allows the experiences of life dictate how and what she turns out to be and SHE FORGETS…..

She forgets as Eleanor Roosevelt said that,  “no one has the power to make her feel inferior without her consent”. She forgets the stuff she is made of and joins the bandwagon.

She forgets that even though she is in the world, she is not of the world. She forgets she is the daughter of a king who is not moved by the world. She forgets that she is in control of how she feels.

She forgets as the quote says that sometimes, the greatest advantage she has, is learning that she has the power to overcome her disadvantage”.


She forgets that she was made by God and for God. She forgets that the Almighty Creator has a purpose for her agony and discomfort, a motive for her struggles and a prize for her faithfulness.

She forgets that sometimes, as Drake puts it, it is necessary to, stop worrying, wondering, doubting and just have faith that things will work out maybe not as planned but how they were meant to be”.

She forgets that allowing the negativeness of life get to her only causes her more hurt.

She forgets how strong she is. She just forgets………..

And in her nothingness, her complicated self comes forth making her not just any woman but a special and unique one.

She suddenly decides IT’S ENOUGH and she takes control of her life again. She doesn’t apologize for who she is or what she is instead, she is proud of herself and is determined to make the most of her life henceforth.

I love this quote that says “Not all women are complicated. Only the best ones are”. The reason I agree with this quote is that complicated women are those who have lived and their scars can be seen in them. They have shown that they are not as fragile as the world thinks and that they are awesome.

They have shown that they could survive all the bricks and sticks life threw at them. They have gone on many great emotional adventures and had enthralling experiences… much so, in their heels, they say to life, “BRING IT ON. I CAN HANDLE IT”.


Trust me, a complicated woman is beautiful because that is what she is….SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL.

She helps man think. She ignites the creative, imaginative and even romantic side of man as he tries to deeply understand her. She is bound to make his life super interesting.

A Complicated woman because of her story and her past, approaches life with a different gusto than a simple woman. She is a challenge for any man especially when she sees great potential in him and cares so much.

She is not the type to just exist…uh uh….she would rather live heartily. She has experienced so much. A lot has been taken from her and now she is putting her foot down and choosing to live life happily in actuality.

She may not really be easy-going. She is not the type to sit quietly and do everything she is asked to do. She wants the best of what life has to offer and refuses to settle for a life of mediocrity. Nope…..She is challenging and wants to know more. A complicated woman has opinions and she dreams big.


She is passionate, very emotional, imaginative and very creative. She brings out the best…..the very best of man. She is inspiring and is spontaneous. She lives especially for the now. She understands the value of the “now moment”.

What makes complicated people particularly difficult to understand? I figure it’s their love for privacy and reservations. At least, I can say that for myself. For women especially, most times, they find it really difficult opening up. They would rather keep their experiences and stories to themselves.

For man, cajoling a complicated woman to open up and share, could be sometimes frustrating and annoying for him because she really wouldn’t want to, as she is weighing in her mind if he can be trusted or if he is just another passer-by or yet another adventure she has to experience and most importantly she is trying to decipher if he would be able to understand her journeys and pains.

Guys, you need to be patient with the ladies. At first, being with her may overwhelm you and you may think she is too much to handle but don’t rush her. Easy does it and once she opens up to you and lets you in, better tighten your seat belt because you are in for one hell of a ride – the good, the bad and the ugly.

She could flip on many switch buttons all at once and go with whichever one suits her mood or purpose at that particular point in time. She will take you on amazing journeys and your stories will always be great and exciting ones.

To fully understand a woman, one has to be really committed.


However, life with a complicated woman is never boring. Like I did mention earlier, it would sure stir up some frustrations on the part of the guys, but on the good days, you would also laugh heartily, enjoy the best and most beautiful romantic heart, you would feel loved like never before. She would dazzle you and keep you wanting more….All you have to do is just learn her and understand her.

She would inspire and cheer you to pursue your dreams and follow your passion. She is really very encouraging especially when she believes in you. She could even make you sometimes question your own ideas and philosophies.

Another truth on the part of guys is that deep within, they love the complications of women. Why? It is because they (guys) are logical and analytical by nature. They want to be able to understand something or someone deeply.

It is in their nature to take something apart and piece it back again because they want to be able to fully comprehend and thereby appreciate.

Guys love a challenge and that is why they continue going after women even after they get a “no” for an answer. It all begins with the thrill of the chase and then the more they get to know about the woman, the more they get to understand what makes her this complicated; the more they study her, the more their hearts become involved bit by bit and before long, they not only love but fall in love with the woman.

A woman easy to figure out doesn’t really thrill guys. They easily lose interest. It is the mystery of a woman that keeps them on their toes and deeply fascinated.

Ha! You do not want to even begin to figure out the emotional unpredictability of a complicated woman. She is like a volcano or a time bomb but it is this instability of hers that makes her alive and more fun.

Guys you all actually like women when they are feisty, right?…..Lol. It’s her emotional state that may sometimes seem to rile or make guys wound up but still you have to admit, that is also a fun part of her especially when you have understood her a bit.

It is only when you truly understand her, will you be able to love her as she deserves to be loved. A lot of people give up understanding women even before they begin as Dia Reeves said, “She is like the moon – part of her is always hidden” and because of this lack of interest in understanding her, they do not know how to truly love her.


A complicated woman has a mind of her own. She is strong, smart and really intelligent. She wants to understand things and wants reasons why some things should go some certain way. She wants to understand the reasons for everything because after all she has been through, she is now in charge of her life.

No more would she hand that position to someone else. Yes, she can be submissive but you must respect her. She is solely in charge of her happiness and she wouldn’t trade it for anything. She is now A BOSS LADY.

It is this firm decision on her part that makes her highly intelligent. She thinks. She reasons. She understands. She has opinions, she knows what she wants and she goes after it. She can pitch in on a number of topics – politics, religion and even joke around with sports especially if that isn’t her forte….Lol.

All of this put together is what makes her proficient and highly skilled in piloting the complication of her mind.


However, when a complicated woman gives herself completely to a man, she does so in all entirety. She loves with all of her being. She adores her man and helps him become the best of himself. Her complication now comes into full play in trying to be as logical and analytical as her man in addition to her emotional side which is her strongest suit. This makes her the BEST GAL EVERRRRRRRRR…….

And now, you know what the irony of all this is? A complicated woman loves simplicity and in actual sense she is just as simple when you really get to know her.

You want to know how I know so much about a complicated woman?  I am one and proudly excited to be.

So are you a complicated woman? What is your story? I would really love to read your comments below…



  1. This was a very interesting read! However I will say that the majority of the time my boyfriend shows the female tendencies and I the male ?

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