“Music tends to make pliable all the punches life throws at me. It bares my soul and immerses every ounce of me with its glorious charm.” – Khuana

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So, I came across this phrase, “Music soothes the savage breast” sometime ago and it caught my attention. My curiosity led me to understand that it was a line used in the play, THE MOURNING BRIDE written by Playwright/Poet, William Congreve in the 17th Century. Digging a lot more, I found the lines in which this phrase was used:

“Musick has Charms to sooth a savage Breast,
To soften Rocks, or bend a knotted Oak.
I’ve read, that things inanimate have mov’d,
And, as with living Souls, have been inform’d,
By Magic Numbers and persuasive Sound.”

These days though, for easier understanding, the phrase has been reconstructed to say, “Music soothes the savage beast”. While literary experts still contest this and insist in its wrong usage, I am particular about the meaning behind the words.

Be it savage breast or savage beast, I believe what William Congreve was trying to say in 1697 when he wrote the play is same as what is been expressed today, if you allow a switch of the word, “breast” to “heart”.

With the meaning of savage according to the Merriam Webster dictionary to mean “fierce, ferocious, barbarous, savage, cruel mean showing fury or malignity in looks or actions. Fierce applies to humans and animals that inspire terror because of their wild and menacing aspect or fury in attack”, how about we restructure the sentence?

“Music soothes the fierce, ferocious heart”

This much we can see in movies, if we choose to digress from reality just a little.

In the movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, music was used to calm Fluffy, the three-headed dog that guarded the stone. Even in the Holy book when King Saul was afflicted by an evil spirit, it was the music played by David that would cause the spirit to depart the King.

It doesn’t matter if it is just the lyrics or the tune or a blend of both, music has a magical effect on all even the “cruels” and “cruellas” of the world. Music just has its own enchanted or if you like, mystic way of soothing hearts.

No one is born cruel or evil or mean. We tend to become all of these when we give the wrong reactions to our life’s situations. Still, for those who become these, all hope is not lost as music is powerful enough to calm nerves, pacify temper and relax souls. There is a beast in every man just as there is beauty in us all too.

As humans, we often calm the beast in us because of our intelligence. We are not barbaric by nature. We are not wild or untamed animals that ravages when we feel like.

how does music soothe the salvage breast and transform the beast

Sometimes this beast in us is tempted to come forth. We are pushed beyond our limits….we are backed into a corner and the only thing we can think of is to launch an attack in other to free ourselves.

Anger blinds us and unleashes the beast within us but if only we take a moment to breathe and listen to cool, calm music…..let the sound seep and course through your veins as you feel the anger dissipate from you.

With music especially instrumentals, cool classic rock or RnB, you are zapped from reality into a world of its own beauty. Your soul is allowed calmness just as your body is rejuvenated with a renewed energy and strength.

While we all have individual favorites of the different genres of music, I particularly love and find instrumentals, soft rock, RnB or even Irish traditional to be cool for soothing nerves. I tend to get lost in these songs and I always feel peaceful and relaxed in them. The likes of Celtic Woman, Yanni, hymns and lovely RnB does wonders for me.

Music has such astonishing restorative effects on the heart and it tends to elicit such powerful emotions from you as it calms you down and helps you rethink those harsh and hurtful actions you decided to carry out in that moment of anger.

Good music speaks to you in ways words fail to do. With the right music in the right mood… the lyrics….the melody and harmony of the song….it just changes you. The beast in you is tamed and put to sleep.

Maria Augusta von Trapp puts it this way, “Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”

No matter how cruel a heart, there is a spot in it which only music can penetrate. Music tends to make pliable all the punches life throws at me. It bares my soul and immerses every ounce of me with its glorious charm.

Open yourself and your heart to the healing therapy of Music. DO NOT deprive yourself of this glorious medicine that costs nothing. Just permit yourself to feel and give in to the magic.

Music does indeed soothe the ferocious heart or as William Congreve did say, “music soothes the salvage breast”.

Thank you so much for reading this post. I hope you found it interesting and inspiring.

So, what kind of music soothes your soul and refreshes your spirit especially when you are angry? Kindly share your thoughts as I would very much love to read your comments and contributions. Who knows? Your comment or story may be the answer to someone else’s troubled heart.



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