Never let the world turn your heart of gold into a hardened rock because at the end, it is your beautiful heart that would be your crowning glory. – Khuana

Our hearts are the most beautiful part of us and it is made of muscles built to withstand pains and hurts. Sometimes, we are faced with unexplained times when it feels like the world is against us. 

You may be called ugly; You may be called fat; You may be compared with others and downgraded; You may very well feel like crap but it is your heart of gold that shines out still and makes you outstanding.

Make your heart of gold your crowning glory

We are belittled with demeaning and harsh words that seem to reap our souls apart and we stare at our naked selves as we wonder why life could sometimes be so unfair. But never forget how strong you are. 

We are each blessed with different gifts and talents and while some blossom in theirs now, others are still trying to stand on their feet. Persistent though they may be but still it feels no much progress is been made and you wonder why life could sometimes be so unfair. But never forget how strong you are.

We have often heard the phrase, “Hard work pays” but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. You put in so much effort but see very little result. Your scraped hands and knees get no reward. Again you wonder at the unfairness of life. But never forget how strong you are.

You may be mocked, ridiculed and even sometimes laughed at but never give up on your dreams and never let the world change you neither should you let them still your smile.

Keep at what you do. Someway, somehow and sooner than you think, doors will begin to open for you….opportunities would locate you and those who once mocked you will now rejoice with you.

Make your heart your crowning glory

Pay no heed to the hurtful words you are told, difficult though it may be. Sure you may cry a little and life may seem to lack meaning for a second but pull your acts together. It is never over till it is over and it truly is the moment you give up. 

You are a fighter. You are strong. You are brave.

Keep daring. Keep working. Keep believing. Keep smiling.

One day, you will be celebrated. Just keep being yourself and don’t let the world put you down. It is the poise and grace with which you carry yourself now when the chips are down that is your charm.

Keep your heart of gold and never let the world steal this from you because this is your most precious jewel. And at the end of the day, it is this your heart of gold that would be your crowning glory when your story is told.

Remember a gift maketh way for a man, right? So yours will open ways for you.

Never you give up.

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