“Simple is the word that ought to go with life not complicated because life is truly simple if only we can remove human complexities from it”. – Khuana

I am one who believes firmly in the simplicity of life despite our human tendencies to complicate things. We create gray from a decision that could just as easily be black or white. We have tainted the simplicity of life with a web of so much complexities and intricacies that now we all seem trapped within this web without an idea of a way out.

So now, we stay with these complexities and they have come to become norms in the world today. Generations come and go with these complexities passed down and no one looking for a different way to approach or do things. We are just okay with how things have come to be and we tell ourselves that “it has always been like this. There’s no need to make a change” but there is.

Change is mandatory if we are to ever find our way back to a happy life because such a life is one devoid of complications and sticks with simplicity.

Life is Simple: My 30 rules of simplicity

In the matters of love and life in general, I go with just one philosophy – BE YOURSELF.

There are no hard and fast rules on how to go about these matters. What works for one may not be what works for another. I maintain my stand that though we all make this journey of life together, we travel different paths. You can’t live your life like a copied assignment….one you can’t explain. Easy always does it.

So I coined out 30 rules that I try to live by each day in a bid to make my life simpler, happier and more fulfilled. While I still struggle to remain consistent with all of them, I can very well say they have each worked for me. With these, you discover more of yourself and learn to live a life without regrets. Let me share with you:


  1. Declutter your mind. Leave the baggage of the past. Put old concerns behind you and look forward to the new adventures in the future.
  2. Have a list of priorities. That way, you are organized.
  3. Develop a positive attitude even in the midst of challenges. This is a guaranteed way to find your way out of life’s maze.
  4. Have a grateful heart even for the most insignificant reason. Just be grateful.
  5. Allow your heart to be free. Don’t hold back or have some stringent life guidelines. Be flexible and spontaneous. You came to life with only one instruction and that is to LIVE. Creativity is the way to go.
  6. Learn to forgive and let go. Grudges are never worth your time or energy.
  7. Be morally responsible. Follow your heart no matter what the world says.
  8. Find your inner child. Be child-like. Most of the answers to life’s puzzles can be seen through the eyes of a child.
  9. Appreciate your failures and mistakes by learning from them.
  10. Love freely and completely without fear irrespective of whether you are loved in same measure or less. Remember, the love you give away is the foundation and basis of the love you receive.
  11. Smile always. This is a confidence booster that just colors your world and is the first step to having an amazing personality.
  12. Read always. A knowledgeable mind is a confident mind. Contrary to popular belief, ignorance is never bliss. Brace yourself to know all the facts no matter how scary or painful and gently work your way around it. Nothing is ever as scary as how the mind makes it appear to be. YOU CAN HANDLE ANYTHING WITH THE RIGHT ATTITUDE.
  13. Have faith more and worry less.
  14. Dare to live and not just exist. Be all you can be and make every moment count….. Laugh, Dance, Play, Keep fit, Eat healthy, Love.
  15. Always pay heed to your intuition. It never leads you wrong.
  16. Be guided in all your actions by your conscience.
  17. Have a willingness to learn new things. Have no limitations.
  18. Be opened to change. Unlearn bad habits and develop good ones.
  19. Make it a rule to stay away from anything or anyone negative.
  20. Gain control over your thoughts. Filter what you let into your mind and sieve what comes out of your mouth or whatever actions you take.
  21. Listen to great music that would positively influence you.
  22. Never be too proud or afraid to apologize for your wrongs.
  23. Stay humble and always be willing to share with others.
  24. Trust yourself and your abilities. You are stronger than you think.
  25. Discover and put to great use, your passion and talents. It is your way to wealth.
  26. Try, try and try again each time you fail. Giving up is not an option.
  27. Stay connected to God Almighty who gives you the grace to live.
  28. Learn from children. They still live in a world of innocence and their lives are unmarred by the dark realities of the complications of adult life.
  29. Watch cartoons and learn from them always plus you would never be bored with them.
  30. SIMPLY BELIEVE even in the impossible and even when you don’t understand. All things are possible to them that believe.

I just called these rules for lack of a better word. For me, all these 30 points sum up a way of life …….a simple, happy life. Sure life may not always go the way we plan or expect but with these rules, it cushions the pain, disappointments and hurts that sometimes comes with expectations.

Film makers who produce cartoons and even movies for teenagers….film lovers who purchase and watch these movies and fall in love with them all have one thing in common – they are all finding their way back to simplicity.

Life is Simple: My 30 rules of simplicity

These cartoons or movies try to show us the easiness of life and how beautiful it really is when it is uncomplicated. We see life as it ought to be and how we ought to live.

Now, hearing that an adult watches Barbie, it’s like an odd thing to do as though there are better things to watch than settling for cartoons but I tell you that these cartoons holds so much lessons and values than movies slated for adult viewing.

These cartoons hold the very foundation and truth of how life is really supposed to be – easy and stress-free. In the fairy tale world….the world of make believe…where anything and everything is possible, the basic rule still applies – SIMPLY BELIEVE.

I guess that is why it is said or believed that the prayers of kids are heard faster than adults because for children, they believe anything and everything exists.

Children believe that tooth fairies would come collect their fallen tooth and leave them a bag of candy. They believe that Santa brings them goodies every Christmas.

They believe in a world of possibilities and they don’t have the time to doubt and we help them maintain this child-like innocence for as long as we can because we don’t want them stained by life’s realities. We know this truth deep within us.

That is a quality we lose as we become adults but it shouldn’t be because really, EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE depending on your perception or what angle you are viewing from.

The hidden truths about life are buried in simplicity.

In actuality, life is easy or hard as you make it out to be even when we are faced with difficulties or challenges. It is those who take life in all its simplicity that easily find the exit out of challenges.

So what do you think about the list? Do you have more rules/tips to add or is there any you would want to take out of the list? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment box below.

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