“There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle” – Deepak Chopra

So, I am a fun-loving person, a sucker for true love and happy endings. Now, when I speak of true love, it is all encompassing – Love of and for God, love of and for self, love for others especially my significant other. In a couple of my articles, I have emphasized the importance of happiness and truly living a great and amazing life and I cannot overemphasize it enough.

Most times, we are overwhelmed by life’s challenges and we tend to give up. We lose interest in basically everything especially when plans are not going accordingly. “I should be married by now”, “I should have made my first millions at this age”, “I should have changed this car by now”……. And the list of should-haves grows longer. How many times have we sat down to be grateful for what we actually have?


We sure have to create our own happiness in this chaotic world. The world these days seems to be in a turmoil as we keep seeing and hearing about so much destruction, violence, killings and all-what-not. This is sad and heartbreaking but still, we have to live and through our lives, transform the world into the better place we want it to be.

I try as much as I can not to bother about what tomorrow brings. Sure, I anticipate a great and happy future but I have to create it. How do I do that? By living for the now. What we have is NOW. This is the moment we have and the moment we own so let’s make the super best of it and of our lives.

A few days ago, the video of the First Lady, Michelle Obama having so much fun with Missy Elliot and James Corden went viral. Michelle Obama is one amazing woman who not only lives a great life but one filled with loads of fun. It takes a person with so much beautiful things around her despite the fact that she is the First Lady of the most powerful country in the world to have so much fun and love in her life which brings me to one great fact,

Sweetie, approach life with simplicity. Don’t get caught up in its intricacies. There is so much you can live for and so much more for you to enjoy from life if only you know and understand how to go about it.

You can never be too busy to have fun in your life. Stop being uptight. Relax and breathe already. Life is beautiful, awesome and amazing. You do not have the weight of the world on your shoulders. So take a chill pill and live already.

I choose to live a happy and fun-filled life while I still can because the most important things in life are the little, simple and beautiful things we are surrounded with – family, friends, smiles, acts of kindness, happiness, laughter, love……I could go on forever.

Now, what are those amazing ways you can catch sooooooooo much fun, be super happy with yourself and worry less about the stress of life? Check out these great pointers:

  • Self-development: Acquire new skills. There is always room for improvement. Challenge yourself into learning new things – new language, new handwork (knitting, beads, creative art, etc.), new recipes…..just about anything. There is no limit to what you can know. Self-development enhances your self-confidence which makes you super attractive to others. Like I always say,   
  • Puzzles and brain teasers: One of my all-time favorite is puzzles. My boyfriend and I love indulging in puzzle games and brain teasers. This is one hobby that keeps the brain really active and you know “an active brain is a smart one”. One thing I learnt from my boyfriend is that puzzles and games makes you think fast and clever and this I now know to be true.


I have learnt and understood the value and importance of puzzles particularly jigsaw puzzles. The beauty of this game is that it cuts across all ages so it can actually be a family game.

Apart from the fact that it keeps the brain really sharp and active, it teaches you the value of one great quality – PATIENCE. It helps you think strategically and apply yourself. Constant play of this game, gradually seeps into your everyday life and before long, you would become so analytical and be more of a solution provider than a grumbler.

Jigsaw puzzles also improves concentration, expands creativity and it is informative just as it is edifying. Let me introduce you to a great site where you can find amazing jigsaw puzzles – http://www.jspuzzles.com. The amazing thing about this site is that they can make a puzzle of just about anything. Do you have a dog? Or want to recreate a fun memory of a place you visited? Or even fun memories of family and friends? This site is amazing at doing this and you would so love it ?.

Another beautiful thing about jigsaw puzzles is that apart from the fact that it is also a great way to teach your kids about stuff – history, geography (new places), family reunions etc., studies like the MacArthur studies have also shown that those that actively participates in puzzles, are less prone to memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease and even dementia.

So, how about giving jigsaw puzzles a try? Visit this site,  http://www.jspuzzles.com and I promise you wouldn’t regret it.

  • Stay positive: Life always happens. More often than not, we find ourselves in situations we cannot control. No matter the brick life throws at you, train yourself to always be positive and happy. It is never easy but it is very doable. So much is borne out of a positive and happy mind. With a mind like this, all you see is the beauty of life and you surround yourself with them. You get to smile more and live heartily because you know the best would always come out from every situation.
  • Go out and socialize: Be a part of your community. I have said this before and I will repeat it again,

Give of yourself, time, talent and resources to others. Volunteer to help in Church activities, schools, hospitals and the likes. You are never too busy to help another. Don’t be a busy bee. If you want to understand and feel that happiness that the world cannot give, then live a life of service

  • Love yourself: There is nothing more important than loving yourself. This makes your life more meaningful and pleasant. Self-love helps you appreciate and value yourself so much so that the opinion of the world about you doesn’t mean anything to you after all, it’s only your opinion that matters. Be the star in your life not an understudy or side character. Loving yourself helps you get to know yourself more, the things you love, your talents and potentials and you become so confident that your radiate brightness, cheer and happiness.


  • Keep Healthy relationships: Surround yourself with happy and positive people. Develop and keep good friendships that help you become a better you. Don’t think having so many friends makes you the “queen bee” or the “King of the jungle”.

It is better to have one good friend that improves you than a clique of friends that don’t even know who you really are. If the friendships don’t give you happiness and joy, sweetheart, please severe the ties. You are worth more than that. Don’t be a duff but be a DUFF chic/dude.

  • Have some me-time: Take time to sometimes be alone with your thoughts. Get in touch with your inner self, realign and reorganize your thoughts. Cut off from the hustles and bustles of the noisy world and just have some amazing time with yourself. You can do this in the form of meditation or even Yoga. Early hours of the day or even before you sleep are good times to just dwell in your thoughts, filter out the negatives and enhance the positives.


  • Travel: Visit new places. Learn new cultures. Stop been scared and don’t hold back. Let go and break out of your comfort zone. Go out with family and friends. Life isn’t as serious as you make it. Life is more fun than you know. Have a taste of it and see your life transform for the very best.

Go see movies, have picnics while basking in the beautiful sunlight. If you are married, go for romantic getaways and go spoil each other silly. Revamp your love life. Do away with that mundane, boring and dreary life. Try new things. Surprise yourselves and create that spark again.

  • Be in constant touch with God: The giver of true happiness, peace and love which the world cannot give is God. With Him by your side, you have got nothing to worry about. Stay connected 24/7 to God and keep tapping from His grace and strength to overcome the difficulties and stress of life. Prayer opens you up to a deeper level. Keep your spiritual life fueled and active always because there is never a dull moment with God.
  • Stay healthy: Sleep well, eat well, take enough fluids, fruits and vegetables and most importantly, keep fit with exercises. 

I want to really thank you for reading. I trust you found this post every bit interesting, inspiring and motivating.

Now, I know these are just a few pointers. What other ways do you think one can catch fun and live such an amazing and happy life? I would so love to read your thoughts. Please be sure to leave your comments. 



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