“Do your best every day. Live each day as if it’s your master piece”    – John Wooden

One of my favorite country singers of all time is Don Williams. I particularly loved the song, “Lord, I hope this day is good”. It made a lot of sense to me when I was in the throes of depression. You know that quote that says, “When you are happy, you enjoy the music. But when you are sad, you understand the lyrics”? Well that was my case.

There were times I used to feel dismayed towards the dawning of a new day. There was absolutely nothing to look forward to. It was dreadful. Then, I experienced crying spells and loads of mood swings. It was hell for me. Those were the days I suffered from depression.

I would cry my eyes out….. “God, are you there?” “Can you hear my cries and supplications?” “Does the sound of my pleas penetrate the heavens?” “If you can hear me, then why don’t you answer?” “I have been praying ceaselessly but the situation remains the same. Lord, where are you?”

And in a way I didn’t expect, God did show that He had been with me every moment, in good and bad times. He had indeed heard my cry and was longing to save me but I was too involved in myself and pains that though I did pray, I didn’t listen. Prayer is communication. You talk, God listens and you listen when God talks.

It was always “God help me” “Lord, I need this” “Lord, provide this for me” and was hardly “Father, thank you” “I am grateful for all you have done, all you are doing and all you are going to do” “It’s all been you, Lord”. Gratitude goes a long way to provide the answers we seek to all of our troubles. God is not a genie that all but provides us with 3 wishes. He is God our Father, the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of the universe.



When I began to abandon my plans and days to God and just let Him have His way, I sure did smile better and feel happier. There were no more depressions and mood swings. It has become a beautiful life and now I look forward to each day.

Sure, I may not have all and everything I want now but I do have all I need. I also know that as God’s blessings continue to unfold in my life each day, it is always more than perfect. You know why? Because God is neither too late nor early. His timing is always impeccable.

I am sure most of us can relate with this. We wake up and we dread the day. We can’t even begin to thank God for the gift of a new day as fear fills our hearts because we do not know what to expect of the day.

You wake up remembering you are in jail serving time for a crime you didn’t commit; you wake up and feel the empty space next to you on the bed and the reality of your husband’s death hits you hard in the face.

You wake up and dread getting out of bed or leaving the room for fear of walking the halls of your house and hearing the deafening silence because of the absence of your child’s laughter and screams, your child who had been so strong and healthy is suddenly gone after losing the battle to a terminal illness; You wake up scared to enter the day as you remember you just lost your job………..

These and many other circumstances make us fear the day that when we wake up, we can’t even utter words of thanks to God. Our hearts are pained and we look up to the heavens with all the strength we can muster hoping that somehow, God is not too busy for us and He has indeed seen our situation and He will arise to save the day or at least soothe our pain.

“Where are you, Lord?”, “I can’t feel your presence anymore.”, “I feel lost; I feel empty”, “Where are you? Have you really forgotten me?”, “Is this the end for me? Have you given up on me already?” Our lamentations go on and on. The truth is the Lord has not forgotten us. He can never forget us

He tells us in the book of Isaiah 49 “Even if a mother forgets the suckling at her breast, I will never forget you”. He may be quiet but that does not mean He is blind to our pain or deaf to our cries. God takes His time. He is neither too late nor too early but always at the nick of time.

So in the words of Deitrick Haddon, “Don’t give up on God because He won’t give up on you”. Then why the silence? One may ask. We don’t just feel His presence anymore. Don Moen expresses this feeling in our hearts in his beautiful song, “I will sing”…….. He makes us understand that even in our darkest hour, through sorrows and pains, we would continue to sing praises to God.

God indeed watches over us in every situation. He never abandons us. For the fact that sometimes, we don’t feel His presence doesn’t mean He is not there. Sometimes we are just out of tune with Him. We experience spiritual dryness but the truth is He is always present and watching over us. Though we may tend to disagree because to us, our prayers are yet to be answered but in truth, He is there. Patience Strong again makes us understand that:

It Is Up To You

Never judge a day by first appearances.

It may be an unpromising-looking morning.

But it is God’s day and your day,

A precious fragment of eternity,

Fraught with possibilities.

It is up to you what you make of the day.

We are never alone. God journeys with us. If only we can see that, then we would understand that God and us form an unbeatable team in the face of any circumstance. Things don’t always have to go the way we plan. God’s plans are always far better and more fulfilling than ours. You know why? He is the all-knowing God who sees the very end from the beginning.


So, just as we appreciate and are all smiles on our good days, if we can just be as patient on our bad days and rely on God in totality, you would see His hand at work in that very situation which brings much sadness and pain to your heart. Do not be in a rush. Let things be as you place them in God’s hands.

Do not be scared of a new day. It is a new beginning. Get out of bed. Each day is the start of a fresh life. Begin again! Be happy to be alive and make today the first day of the rest of your life. Put those gloomy and depressed days behind you.

Again I repeat, today is the day to be happy. You are a living miracle. You are unique in the entire world and there is no other like you. Let go of the past. Let the past stay in the past.

Phil Bosman says: “Don’t dampen your spirit with fears and worries about tomorrow; don’t weigh your heart with all the woes of yesterday. Live for today. Remember what was good about yesterday or think about the good things that may happen tomorrow. But don’t get lost in yesterday or tomorrow. Yesterday is over. Tomorrow has not yet come. Today is the only day you have. Make it your best day! You carry all your past on your back and now so you want to load on all your future as well? That is much too much. Life is given out to you in 24 hour portions. So why do you want it all at once? You were not made for that. It will be the end of you. Do not begin today with yesterday’s troubles.”

Believe in God and have faith. Do you know the meaning of FAITH? I love this:






So, how do you begin your day to ensure it is a happy and fulfilling one? I would love to read your comments and contributions.


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