It is indeed a HAPPY NEW YEAR….another opportunity to begin anew in the hopes of becoming the best of who we are and to live our lives in the best ways possible. – Omoakhuana A. Imoisili

And it is finally here…….2017. 

It is the first day of the first month of a new year. You do know what this means, right?

It’s time for a fresh start…..a new beginning.

Today, we get to define the direction of how the remainder of this year is going to be for us.

I am trusting you all have your set goals written down and strategies you want to take to accomplish them. If you haven’t done so, it’s not too late to write them now.

Do a bit of reflection…… Think of where you are coming from, where you are right now and where you hope to be in the near future…..are you any close to living your dream life?

What is that thing that pulled you down all through last year? What is that baggage you have carried on your shoulders in the previous years? What is that burden you have deep in your heart that is eating away at you?

I hope you left all of these and other irrelevant baggages with 2016? 


You take the reins of your life now and go in that direction of your dreams and goals. Let nothing hold you back. 

Remember you have been given a clean slate on this day, 1st Jan, 2017. It is the map you draw on this slate you will follow…..so, I enjoin you to set your path straight.

Stay away from people who will hinder your growth process or wants you to remain in their myopic thinking range. 

Utilize the power of your mind and explore your potentials. You are gifted in more ways than one and with these gifts, you will build doors of opportunity that will lead to your success and breakthrough.

2017 is going to be one of your best years yet, if only you permit it. This is a year filled with so much promises, celebrations, gifts, opportunities……. You have no reason not to succeed in this new year.

Go live your dreams and your freedom of purpose.

Let no one dull your shine. 

Again, I wish you a splendid, prosperous and beautiful new year.


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