About Author

omoHi, I am Omoakhuana Anthonia Imoisili but I often go by the short form of my name – Omon or Khuana.

So, I am a Positive Lifestyle Blogger, now, living this great, fun, beautiful and amazing life as I focus on the niche, #trueliving. I know what it is to just exist and not live. Why? Been there, done that.

It wasn’t all purposeful or beautiful for me from the beginning as I had loads of challenges, note-worthy is the fact that I was ill for a long time and it had an effect on me. Trust me, you wouldn’t be so thrilled to meet the “me” before now. I was super stereotyped and had this ever-smiling-but-always-dying-on-the-inside personality.

I took it upon myself to be the happiness fairy spreading the cheery fairy dust all over and making others happy. I however forgot the one most important thing – TO MAKE MYSELF HAPPY. How did I expect to give what I didn’t have? You needed to have seen me going on and on with complaints of life and how unfulfilled and unsatisfied I was. I was almost an ardent people-pleaser…..wanting the world to be happy forgetting that it wasn’t in my power to ensure that.

One look at me and you would think I was super confident, fun and lovable but 5 minutes into our time together, and the stench of low self-esteem would begin to ooze from me. I wore it like a princess garment and I was pretty frustrated with myself.

“Change, why don’t you”? I would scream to myself. I would then put on my “ready-to-change” hat but lily-livered me could only lurk in my shadows as I would shrink back into my shell at the slightest opposition or criticism I got from others. Change was hard for me. Nothing delighted me more than living within my comfort zone. There I was plagued with depression, sadness, crying spells, and mood swings all because I was just too scared to live.

OMG! Now that I think of it, Life for me wasn’t fun ooo. It was boring, mundane and dreary. I had nothing to look forward to. No life! No purpose! No meaning!

But all that was to change when I had a “great humpity-dumpity fall” in an accident where it seemed the factory reset button in my brain was activated. I got the wake-up call that forever transformed my life to this amazing, super fun, awesome, self-loving, confident, living freely, beautiful, elegant and incredible me that I am today.

omo1We each have our stories to tell – our joys, pains, laughter, sorrow. Your story can be as great and beautiful as mine is today or more so. What makes the difference between a great story and an ordinary story is the answer to this question – “HOW WILL YOUR STORY END?” You too can rewrite your story and live that amazing life you dream of.

So dearie, if I can rise from the millions of crap in my life that buried me deeply, so can you. Trust me, it’s never over until you say it is. Join me on my incredible journey to a great life of self-discovery and meaningful purpose that has improved me into the DAZZLING, DASHING and DARING coach I am now.  Fasten your seat belt and come on this ride with me as I take you to Khuana’s Corner of the world that brings nothing but great happiness, cheer and quality value to true living.