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Adding QUALITY VALUE and GREAT HAPPINESS to living meaningful and purposeful lives by young adults, particularly WOMEN. (2)

Hello dear one, thanks so much for stopping by. I guess you know all there is to know about me from the “about me” page and understand my journey so far…. How about I get you to understand what my blog is really all about?

Khuana’s Corner is an inspirational and motivational blog that seeks to encourage people to truly live meaningful and purposeful lives and not to just exist. It is a blog that aims to add QUALITY VALUE and GREAT HAPPINESS to the lives of young adults particularly WOMEN. The focus of this blog is geared majorly towards women because they hold the key to the change the world seeks.

The world starts from a small unit called the family. The home front is the office of the woman and it is what she makes of her home that goes to form the community, society and ultimately, the world.

You really want to know who runs the world? WOMAN. D (2)

You want to know the backbone behind every man? WOMAN

You want to know who holds the key to man’s heart? WOMAN

You want to know who the devil fears when she’s on her feet? WOMAN

As water is to fish, so is the encouragement and support of woman to man. In woman, man understands the meaning of true beauty, true love, bond of companionship and how to be the best of himself. Woman is gifted with many special attributes that makes her indispensable to man – beauty, emotions, strength, wisdom and particularly intuition.

From women rise kings and princes, world leaders and presidents….. That special God-given role as nurturers and co-creators of life doesn’t end after the child is born but extends from the formation of the child all through his adult life. Hence in every phase of a man’s life, there is a special woman.

Today, women no longer sit back in the background or stay inactive.

I choose to invest in women. I choose to help them realize the greatness that lies within them and how they can use it to positively to change the world. I choose to empower women.


I encourage you to stay as long as you like as you peruse through each and every post which promises to leave genuine happiness in your heart, put that gorgeous smile on your face, motivate you to be the best of you and most importantly, add quality value to your life.

I hope you really enjoy your visit to this blog and I trust as you return always to check out my latest post, you would be kind enough to share with others around you.

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So, my dear friend, stay Dazzling, Dashing and Daring.